Converse Re-Fresh Kit

Converse promotional packaging that incorporates the Rubber Tracks project. The box unfolds into a cleaning station for your shoes and includes shoe shine, a cotton cloth, spray, and a brush. The exterior QR code links to a video explaining Rubber Tracks, with one button that links to the playlists on Converse's SoundCloud, and a second button that links to the application to send to be considered to use the Rubber Tracks studio for free. The interior QR code links straight to the Converse SoundCloud so that you can listen to music while you clean your shoes, adding another sense to the experience while also immersing you further into the Converse culture.


Point of Sale Display

The point of sale display would consist of vinyl, cardboard, diamond plate, concrete, and a diamond plated speaker. Shoes would be displayed on the top level which would be a giant vinyl record. All three tiers would slowly spin on the display. The second tier would be cardboard and have rows of re-fresh cleaning supplies. The third tier at the bottom would house the full re-fresh kit. Next to the display would be diamond plated speakers so you could test the supplies on your shoes before purchase.