Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum

Designers: Charles Chen, Lindsay Boland, Abby Edwards

My team was given the opportunity to create an indentity, rebranding, and marketing campaign for the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum. Not only were we given this amazing opportunity, but we've had the honor of our work being chosen as the official identity and marketing campaign.

The Research

For research, we visited the museum itself and evaluated its strengths and weaknesses with the local and tourist market. We observed the museum had a relatively small footing in the tourist market and that much of its attendance comes from field trips from local elementary and middle schools. The tourist market in Savannah is fairly competitive, with plenty of offerings in the way of museums. As a result of our observations, we wanted to brand the museum as a sophisticated and less "touristy" spot for visitors.

The Logo

We chose to emphasize the protest sign as the emblem of the Civil Rights Movement as it happened in Savannah. By using the protest placard, it spoke to a local connection, was nationally recognizable, and internationally relevant. We chose to render the protest sign with a brush by hand, as that would 'humanize' what would otherwise be a very modern and sterile design. The protest sign was chosen not only for its relevance to the movement, but also for its potential in marketing campaigns.


The Marketing

"See Yourself"

To draw more people to the museum, we wanted to create something that any person would be able to relate to. The idea of seeing yourself in history is powerful. We were able to utilize our logo as a system of highlighting individuals in historic photographs that were taken during the various Civil Rights movements. By creating this system, we are able to target any person in a photograph, so that any gender, race, age, etc. can 'see themselves' in history. Not only did we take advantage of incorporating our logo, we used it as a way to take the focal point away from the prominent figure/s in the images, and place it on a different individual, so that people will be able to relate to the individual in the image even more. This campaign is meant to draw a wide demographic to visit the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum to not only learn about the history, but experience it, and encourage those to participate in current movements, so that they too can one day see themselves in history.