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As designers, we have the unique opportunity to break free from conventions through the exploration of new ideas, techniques, and media possibilities. Throughout this exploration, we mold into expert design chameleons, ready to face all opportunities and challenges that come our way. Every chameleon approaches design differently in process, form, and technique; yet, each is successful in his or her own distinct design outcome.

The 2016 Secession logo embraces the flexibility and infinite possibilities we have as designers by taking on a dynamic form. The top panel of the logo constantly changes to accommodate for all types of media, whether it be print, digital, time-based or any other form. In addition, the top panel moves slightly away from the rest of the panels representing a breakaway from conventions and our own breakaway from SCAD as we enter the professional design world.

This year’s Secession celebrates the constantly evolving design discipline and the limitless opportunities we possess as designers. By remaining open to all possibilities, we can continue to develop distinct and successful outcomes throughout the complete scope of our design careers.

For the SCAD Graphic Design department's Secession 2016, I worked along-side five other Graphic Design majors in organizing, developing, and executing the show and it's assets, including: Identity, Submission and Event Posters, Web, and the Secession Book. 

Square Magazine Mockup - Free Version2.png