Wonka Bar

The Pop - Up Wonka Bar is a small bar that infuses various alcoholic beverages with Wonka candy. Designed to target a broader range of customers, the pop-up takes the Wonka brand and simplifies it’s more recognizable graphics, and makes them even bigger and bolder to elevate the brand to an adult audience. The exterior displays the ‘Wonka Bar’ logo on each shorter side, which extends around the longer sides. The interior is seen by opening a longer side, revealing menus on the interior doors, and an interior spiral that extends to side walls and ceiling, and a bar front that is filled with Wonka candy to spell ‘Feed Your Imagination’.


Wonka Beetle & Instagram Advertising

The Wonka Bar Instagram ad is aimed at the intended Wonka audience. The people who grew up watching Willy Wonka can now enjoy the candy with a Wonka-spiked drink. The animated ad will be promoted in the area that the pop-up bar will be coming to. The Beetle is the perfect photo-op especially for Instagram, and when the locals start posting images, it will spread the word even more.

The Wonka Beetle will arrive to a city the week prior to the Wonka Bar event, and advertise by driving through the city to various stops and handing out edible invitations. I hand wrapped car wrapping material around a 1/18 die cast model of the 1955 Volkswagon Beetle. I chose the 55' Beetle for the curvature in the beetle is reminiscent of the curves in the Wonka logo, and the vintage feel connects to the richness of the candy and the movie's era, as well as the playfulness of Roald Dahl's storytelling. The car and the skateboard are designed to look like the Nerds box, half pink/half purple, and the Nerds characters are made of sculpy.